Wagwak are one of the most energetic and prominent live acts in Seoul. We are proud to present to you this video and live EP filmed at Gahoe-dong 31-79. Thanks to the support of David and Jade Kilburn, we were able to shoot this video in their traditional Korean hanok. The Kilburn hanok is the last surviving original hanok of Gahoe-dong and the Kilburns are at the forefront of the battle to preserve these historic structures. More information can be found at kahoidong.com/ PLEASE SUPPORT THE INITIATIVE. Mixed / B.A. Wheeler Recorded / Union Records Directed / Ollie Walker Edited / Ollie Walker Camera / Ollie Walker Camera / Adam Hickey Produced / Danny Arens, Adam Brennan and Ollie Walker Project Coordinator / Danny Arens Photography / Carl David Jones Muscle / Patrick Walsh Special Thanks / David and Jade Kilburn An Aweh and Loose Union Production.